How do I charge the boat?

Note! Candela assumes no responsibility or liability for any damages caused by charging in an outlet not corresponding to the amperage of the boat.

  1. Inform yourself of the maximum amperage of the dock outlet.
  2. On the touchscreen, press charging and set the charging current to match the dock outlet amperage. For example: If the dock outlet is capable of 16A, select 16A or slightly under.
  3. Locate the charging cord under the sunbed. Elevate the sunbed by turning its handle.
  4. Connect the charging cord to the charging port of the boat.
  5. Place the cord in the slot of the storage compartment. Connect the charging cord to the dock outlet. Charging starts. On the touchscreen, the state of charge is indicated.
  6. When charging is done, disconnect the charging cord from the charging port of the boat and then from the dock outlet.
  7. Stow and secure the charging cord.