Audio system

The C-8 is equipped with a six-speaker audio system, controlled via the user interface or the steering wheel.

More information regarding the audio system is found in the audio system user manual.

Pairing to the bluetooth audio system

The bluetooth is ready for pairing as long as the ignition is on.

  1. Enable pairing mode on your device
  2. Select "Candela C-8" in the list of available devices

Resetting the bluetooth audio pairing

  1. To reset the bluetooth audio pairing:
  2. Open the starboard inspection hatch in the cabin.
  3. Locate the stereo unit.
  4. Press the bluetooth button on the stereo to make it visible in your bluetooth source list.
  5. Select the stereo name from the bluetooth source list and connect it to your phone.


In version 2.16.0 of the C-8 UI, the option to make the stereo visible for pairing has been added. You no longer have to push the physical bluetooth button, and the stereo will not be visible for pairing until you enable the option in the UI.