Troubleshooting chart

When there is a malfunction, the user interface will show an error message and instructions for resolving the issue.

ProblemPossible causeRemedy
There is an issue with the sonar depth finder.BlockageRemove anything blocking the sonar depth finder. See Cleaning the sonar depth finder.
The automatic bilge pump does not stop pumping.The drain is clogged.Contact Candela →
There is a large amount of water to be pumped out. The boat may be taking in water.Contact Candela →
Water is not pumped out during manual bilge pumping, even though there is water in the keel.The manual bilge pump line is clogged.Contact Candela →
The battery is not charging.Check if a fuse or the RCD has tripped (in the charging fuse box and 12V fuse box).Reset the tripped fuse or RCD and retry charging. If it trips again, or if the battery still is not charging, there is an electrical issue. Contact Candela →
The battery needs charging too often.There is algae growth on the foil system.See Cleaning the foil system →
The throttle LED indicates limited speed.The foils are in an unlocked mode.Wait for the foils to reach a locked position and that the throttle LED is turned off (ca 1 minute).
The height sensors are blocked.See Cleaning the height sensors →
Parts are overheated.If at sea, return to harbor and contact Candela →
There is a bad smell in the anchor box.The black water tank odor filter needs replacing.See Replacing the odor filter of the black water tank →
The boat tilts.There is excess water in the keel that is not being pumped out.
The bilge pump system is faulty.
Perform manual bilge pumping and contact Candela →